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    Plant one tree for one Euro and raise up the vote of people

    Plant one tree for one Euro and raise up the vote of people

    Vote for Planting Fruit Trees, Plant Fruit Trees by donating one Euro for one Tree, it will feed children hunger for fruit.

    Give your Vote, and your opinion about child labor in the mineral mines in Africa.

  • TheWorldSpeaking

    About us

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    A voice for peaceful politics

    TheWorldSpeaking is the first and only ‘Global Political Body’. It also functions as a peaceful ‘Global Union’, which was founded in the principles of honesty and transparency; Primarily due to the fact that TheWorldSpeaking uses blockchain technology to ensure its fairness and transparency. ‘The Global Union’ or ‘TheWorldSpeaking’ or simply TheWS functions as a Global Union of its members which is based in the cloud via internet, blockchain, mobile phone, etc., and, at a high level view, acts by its members voting about various topics in the interest of human rights and the fortification of all civil rights of each human on earth, as well as environmental issues. TheWorldSpeaking uses its voting platform to gather the collective voice of people, regardless of race, gender, nationality or religion and then it uses that collective voice to endeavor to make change according to the will of its members. TheWorldSpeaking does this by taking those votes and creating petitions which it will present to various Human Rights courts, entities, and governmental bodies and lobbying to bring change; Such as but not limited to:

    • United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
    • The European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France
    • The Hague Institute for Global Justice
    • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
    • International Union for Conservation of Nature
    • U.S. Institute of Peace, Washington, DC


    Dr. Gery Maes had a vision for a better world early in life

    Who we are

    Vision Started Early

    TheWorldSpeaking was the brain's inception of Ph.D. Gery Maes from a very early age. Though being a Belgian by birth and nationality, Dr. Gery Maes - Van de Vorst moved to the former Congo (today D.R.C.) at the age of two and spent seven years growing up there. During this time, Dr. Gery Maes - Van de Vorst gained a great affection for the local animals, and began to develop an understanding of environmental and human rights issues, which was heavily influenced by his surroundings and experiences in the former Congo. From the age of six, Gery Maes, began formulating what eventually became TheWorldSpeaking.


    TheWorldSpeaking is a Swiss NGO that is licensed in Geneva, Switzerland, and was officially launched in July 2019 with the concept being discussed and elaborated on as early as 2015. TheWorldSpeaking Project has added eleven Co-Founders who donated their time as volunteers to get the Project up and running. These are:

    1. Founder and President Ph.D. Gery Maes
    2. Co-Founder and Vice-President Miss A. Van de Kerckhove
    3. Co-Founder and Vice-President Mr. Robert Seuferer
    4. Co-Founder and Vice-President Mr. Dr. Frank Goethe
    5. Co-Founder Mr. Larry Chris Bates
    The overall goal of TheWorldSpeaking is to give people a collective voice as a political body and a mechanism to help them bring the changes they desire in a way that is transparent and uninfluenced by governments, businesses, people of power, or industries. TheWorldSpeaking programs are split into five initiatives, with the Global Voting Platform as its first and foremost central function:
    • Global Union Voting Platform Initiative
    • Crypto Currencies Initiative
    • Micro Satellite Cellular Network Initiative
    • Blockchain Initiatives
    • Global Banking Initiative
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    global union voting platform

    Every Vote Counts

    The Global Voting Platform is the central focus of TheWorldSpeaking. People can become members of TheWorldSpeaking by signing up, providing proof of their home address, uploading their identification to ensure they are the required voting age of their country, and giving a small annual donation that is used to plant trees and for the logistics. Once a member, various topics are presented to the member-base, which those members can vote on. TheWorldSpeaking then organizes and executes the required actions and resources to bring about those changes desired by its members as a collective political body. The member-base is acquainted with Artificial Intelligence data on each subject, which allows them to read the historical, political, economic, and social/cultural background history of each topic, enabling them to make informed decisions about their votes.


    Sitting above the Artificial Intelligence is the ‘Panel of Notable Conductors’, which consists of twelve members. Any voting member can join the Panel of Notable Conductors, given that there is the availability and the applying member can pass the ‘Integrity and Morality Exam’ with distinction. It’s the Panel of Notable Conductors function to monitor and feed information to and from the Artificial Intelligence, to ensure proper functionality of the program, to function as a liaison to members who wish to emphasize their votes and feelings, and to speak up for the voters as required.


    Its purpose of the Panel to morally and ethically feed appropriate information in a way that is respectful but completely honest and to give verified information to assist voters in making informed decisions and choices at an optimum level, without being influenced or sublimated from other media. When members sign up to vote on a particular topic, they are allowed access to an Online Forum where the topics will be publicly discussed online. Each voting member has the right to present their opinion and evidence in the Forum to the voting member public. The Forums are overseen and conducted by a member of the Panel of Notable Conductors to ensure everyone gets a chance to voice themselves and keep order.


    It is TheWorldSpeaking’s voting model that each topic must reach a near-unanimous vote of ninety percent (90%) before it will allocate resources and take actions to make a change for each topic. This model follows the voting model of indigenous tribes and has even been used by The United Nations in certain circumstances. TheWorldSpeaking offers no means to Veto a vote. Once the ninety percent vote has been reached, no one can Veto the voice of the people. In the words of the Founder:


    For the first time, people will have a truly representative Global Union that speaks for them and delivers change. Whether through tackling issues of inequality, climate change and planting of trees, or the provision of medical insurance for millions of uninsured citizens worldwide, TheWS can make a difference to its communities.”

    Gery Maes, Founder of TheWorldSpeaking


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    microsatellite Cellular network initiative

    Blockchain Nodes Linked to Free Phones


    The Microsatellite Cellular Network Initiative was developed as an initiative to give people unrestricted access to the internet and to communication who may not have such privileges now. It will also allow the dissemination of unrestricted or altered information to people who may not have this luxury and to give people access to the Voting Platform allowing their voice and vote to be heard and counted respectively.


    The microsatellite system will work via a free phone which is given to people once they become members. Its designed as a private system which is wholly owned and operated by TheWorldSpeaking and therefore cannot be restricted or controlled. The system will consist of both nanosatellites and microsatellites, which will be launched in an environmentally friendly way with the use of specialized balloons.

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    Blockchain initiatives

    Designed to bring real change


    TheWorldSpeaking Blockchain Initiatives are comprised of ten separate blockchain initiatives. These are:

    1. BlockchainTrees
    2. BlockchainStones
    3. BlockchainMetals
    4. BlockchainInsurances
    5. BlockchainLegal
    6. BlockchainLands
    7. BlockchainWater
    8. BlockchainAir
    9. BlockchainElectricity
    10. BlockchainFoodSupply

    Each Blockchain initiative is designated for a different purpose; However, all the initiatives collectively are designed to bring about real change and at the same time working to provide an intercommunity exchange group. The strength of TheWorldSpeaking as a political group will allow various initiatives, which are proposed both by TheWorldSpeaking and its voting community, to manifest more quickly and will also serve to better protect them and their Projects and initiatives. TheWorldSpeaking is always working to build strong relations with various governments and global political bodies to achieve the same.

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    global banking initiative

    Creating passionate shareholders

    The Global Private Banking Initiative is a network which is composed of various memberships; Financial contributors such as private funders, business angels, family offices, bonds, donations, central banks subventions, grants from countries and world banks, The European Investment Bank, assets, and based out of the fiat and crypto currencies trading. All voting members from the TheWorldSpeaking’s Global Union are allowed to contribute to the Global Banking initiative and become fraction shareholders of the Global Private Banking network.


    The aim of this initiative is to provide with passion to all our voting members (the banked and the non-banked alike) the possibility to have access to the Global Private Banking network and to be qualified to receive a wallet which serves as an operational banking account over TheWorldSpeaking’s blockchain network, which will allow them to transfer funds in crypto and fiat currencies.


    The Global Private Banking network is a private funding house that is part of the Global Political Union and part of the Global Political Body. The Global Private Banking network is for its private members who wish to do financial transactions amongst and between themselves, and not liaised and /or bound to /or obliged to standard financial institutional legislatives laws and regulations.

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    global Sustainable developments goals initiative

    Co-working, partner together, liaise in work.

    ''TheWorldSpeaking'' reverberates with the ideologies of the Sustainable Development Goals, vows to cooperate, work-together with all organizations to sustain further unification together by advocating the SDG's philosophies, intending to unite all together for faster greater impact changes in Africa, and the rest of the world.


    BUILD TOGETHER the school for the kids in Ghana, and or plant fruit trees :

    Donate to Build School for kids in Ghana.

    Donate to Build School for kids in Ghana.

    20,00 € - 100.000,00 €
    Build a School together for the kids in Ghana: the learning centre for the kindergarten school pupils of Salom D/A Basic School, a school located in Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana to provide a conducive learning environment for the children. Contact the Country Advisor & Representative/Manager – Education and Eco- Friendly Engineering Constructions GHANA
    Courage Tekpa Email: courage_tekpa@outlook.com Mobile: +233 (0) 20 9839 769
    Coming soon
    Any Fruit Tree or Fruit to Feed

    Any Fruit Tree or Fruit to Feed

    1,00 €
    Your Fruit plant or Tree will contribute to feed people in hunger, contribute to the Theworldspeaking Community, and be planted in Africa, Spain, Bangladesh or Pakistan. We thank you for the contribution, you will receive an email with certificate when you let us your email. Thank You.
    Coming soon
    Plant Orange Tree

    Plant Orange Tree

    1,00 €
    Thank You for ordering an Orange Tree. Your tree will be planted in Spain, or Africa, or Pakistan or Bangladesh. It's a great contribution to feed people next generations. You will receive a certificate via email. Thank you for the great contribution.
    Coming soon
    Plant Apple Tree

    Plant Apple Tree

    1,00 €
    Your Purchase will contribute to TheWorldSpeaking NGO and help the community Ecco Social Green Global actions. We'll plant your tree either in Spain, in Africa, in Pakistan or in Bangladesh, wherefore you'll receive an email with certification. We thank you for buying a Fruit Tree, it will help feed many people throughout the next years and aid further generations. Thank You.
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  • To Donate: Download the PDF

    Fundraising: Donate, sponsor, or contribute, ''let's unite together and build a real school together in Ghana!''

  • How it Works.

    Safe. Transparent. Petition for Change.

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    1. Create a Profile

    Register to Vote.

    Put a name to the voice. Age to vote is 16 Years or older. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voting_age

    (Parental Permission and ID Required under 18 years of age in certain countries)

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    2. Select Issues Important to You

    What would you change?

    Anything that keeps you up at night. Inform us what you would change. We'll inform you with global and collective issues.

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    3. Direct Your Impact

    Creating a unified voice.

    Vote for change with a simple Yes or No.

    A global petition is created identifying issues affecting the collective whole.

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    4. Register Your Voice

    Be heard not filtered.

    Real time votes and information are consolidated to represent the views of the public. A collective voice is a directive that can't be ignored. Directed into our global network of influence to affect change.

  • A Socio-Economic Solution

    Voting is More Than Social Progress. Voting Strengthens the Social Economy.

    The Voting Coin

    The value of a vote is measured by how we equally believe what is important for us to be true. It is the value of a collective voice on a collective issue.

    Pledging Towards Reforestation

    By purchasing the coin, you empower yourself, and you empower the planet. With our network of land asset partners, we back the voting coin with the natural capital asset value that comes with the planting and management of trees. It helps to sustain the growth and stability in the voting economy, while creating local community-based agricultural economies.


    Funding Social Projects

    Using the digital coins and currency, social projects voted by you and the collective community can be allocated as capital for development. Your vote is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for social projects.

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    The right to be universally heard. To bring a more transparent and universal voice for the betterment of humanity.

  • A Decentralized Voting Platform

    Participate with your Voice for Human Rights Issues that are Important to You.

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    Politics not as Usual

    Social Networks

    Influence is structured by the people for the people. Share the power for change through the economics of the masses.

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    A Global Conversation

    Actionable Conversations

    Mobilize for impact. A forum of conversations that lead to peaceful change.

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    A Collective Voice

    Data Visualization

    Visual Reporting. See how your concerns fit in with different world views and what's being done about it.

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    Ecologically Relevant

    Geo-location Sensitivity

    Global issues identified with local contexts. Addressing local viewpoints for humanitarian needs.

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    Social Financing

    Resource Allocation

    Targeted issues can access funding opportunities aligned to social fit. Social decision making, social action.

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    Planting Trees Blockchain

    Radical Technology

    Secure. Transparent. Decentralized. Powered by the Planting Trees, the blockchain for environmental causes.


    Join our voting platform and Plant Trees.

    TheWorldSpeaking / NGO Swiss Code Civil 60 Association
    20, Le Gondran
    1932 Bovernier
    Mon-Fri 10:00 AM to 18:00 AM
    +41 33 533 33 31